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Soft Landings Psychotherapy

Therapy to support individuals and relationships 

Soft Landings is home to a small and mindful community of therapists supervised by Marlee Rubel, dedicated to offering skillful, compassionate, and trauma-informed psychotherapy

Headshot of Soft Landings director, Marlee Rubel, standing in front of a Bird of Paradise plant in a sunlit room, smiling at the camera

Our Approach

Trauma-informed, mindful, and compassionate counselling informed by evidence-based practices and continued clinical growth

We believe in building a strong client-therapist relationship that fosters self-reflection, authenticity, and a balance between acceptance and change. This can begin in your very first session.


Together, we can tease apart the way you've grown to respond to yourself, others, and the world, and begin to decipher which of these patterns are serving you, and which you may be interested in outgrowing.


Working within each clients’ own unique time frame, needs, and goals, we can help to clarify and create space to explore the impact of your past, present, and future. Using well researched modalities, and remaining well versed in the research literature supporting psychotherapy, we will check-in regularly to ensure that therapy remains useful and relevant for you.


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Fit really matters.
You are absolutely invited to get in touch, we'd be glad to chat and help determine who might be the best fit for you.
Please note that our sessions are entirely virtual.

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